Monday, April 1, 2013

Matthew Schultz And Jim Jones Hits All The Right Notes With "Money Or Me"

Singer/songwriter Matthew Schultz collaborates with hip hop legend Jim Jones to create the highly anticipated single, "Money or Me". The single draws from the talents of both artists and feature a one of a kind blend of two seemingly unreconcilable genres, rock and hip-hop. Despite all odds, the unconventional team of Schultz and Jones succeeded in creating a hit.

"Money Or Me" showcases the best of Schultz who carried the song with his outstanding guitar solo and rich vocals. With a steady rhythm and a gorgeous piano, the song carries clear rock influences. However, the use of distortion, echoes, and other electronic techniques add a very different flavor to the mix. Jim Jones also brought his A-game to his rap vocals. Gritty and powerful, Jones instills a classic hip-hop element into the single.

Matthew Schultz is a veteran in the music industry. Having previously worked with singer Chris Daughtry, he has maintained a presence in the scene with his impressive vocals and song-writing skills. He was ranked as the number 2 singer/songwriter in the US on Reverbnation.

Jim Jones, originally born Joseph Guillermo Jones II, is an original member of the hip hop collective The Diplomatsalso. He is also featured on VH1 Love & Hip Hop and Chrissy & Miss Jones.

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