Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Cartoony Fun Song, That's Hooyoosay's New Single "Don't You Lie To Me"

hooyoosay's new single "Don't you lie to me" evokes comedy, cartoons, fun movies and video games.

It grabs attention right from the start, with its bizarre techno riff that sounds like an overblown electronic super kazoo.

Next, the vocals are quirky, and then a playful toy organ solo comes along, sort of pleading innocent: "Me? Lie? No..., not really... ".

There's a rhythmic marriage of a modern beat to an almost oompah bass, and the progression is a standard 12-bar rock 'n' roll scheme.

That may seem quite an eccentric cocktail of styles and sounds, but for sure it is easy going and it has a touch of this old school europop sound that is reminiscent of the early days of MTV.

As for the song itself, "Don't you lie to me" is in origin an old blues song, written by Hudson Whittaker.

Eh, did you say "blues", ... for a fun song?!?

Yep! These old blues lyrics often did have an underlying sense of humor! Really.

An EP release will follow soon, offering the additional track "Yooplaaa!", a carefree feelgood instrumental that urges you to join the party, wherever or whatever it is!

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