Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank Anthony Releasing Sixty8 Comeback Mix Tape

F.A.M. Productions Inc and Singleton Entertainment Corp announced today that the much anticipated Mix Tape release by Frank Anthony, “Sixty8 Comeback”, will be available for download on Monday, September 10, 2012 on This release highlights some classic vibes from 1968 and leading to the explosive energy heard in mainstream Hip Hop and R&B sounds of today.

According to the Toronto native, “I have been waiting for this day to release this Mix Tape to my fans for several weeks now. I am happy with the end result of Sixty8 Comeback and I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from my fans. I really appreciate their patience and I hope they enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it for them,” says Frank Anthony.

“Sixty8 Comeback” is an amazingly soulful Mix Tape, blending the sounds and nostalgic feel of old school R&B with a fresh youthful take no prisoners Frank Anthony sound. The project features songs like the romantic “I Don’t Deserve You” to the raw club bangers like “Live in My Bed” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The Mix Tape is an introductory showcase of Frank Anthony the singer, songwriter and passionate artist who has a lot to say as he steps out on to the world stage.

The release of “Sixty8 Comeback” is sure to generate a strong buzz with his fans, music lovers and all those who love mainstream R&B and Hip Hop music. The Mix Tape will also spotlight Frank as an extraordinary force in pop music around the world and showcase Frank Anthony as a triple threat – singer, songwriter and musician.

According to Uche Lord Eme, A&R at Singleton Entertainment Corp, “You are going to want to rock out to Frank Anthony’s new Mix Tape.” Each of the songs on “Sixty8 Comeback” has been produced by stellar platinum producers like Poo Bear, The Audibles, The Underdogs, Scott Storch, Dwayne “D’Cat” Cornelius and Adam & Uche. The official video Diamonds can be found:

For information on Frank Anthony, contact Singleton Entertainment Corp at 818-774-0818.

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