Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Patrick Joseph - "Don't Believe It"

In a time where music seems to be “made to fit the mold,” and artists are more cliché than original, Patrick Joseph’s video “Don’t Believe It” is a breath of fresh air. The indie singer/songwriter’s song, from his debut album “Antiques,” is breathtakingly beautiful. The video was made entirely with a still camera in stop motion over the course of three days shooting during which time over 7,000 still frames of photography were taken. It is also uniquely entertaining because of the quality of the music. Joseph has a way with words, and “Don’t Believe It” is lyrically and musically robust, with not a single note wasted or out of place. Deep and thought provoking, the video and track are worthy of being added to any true music lover’s collection.

Patrick Joseph - "Don't Believe It"

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