Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nelly Petkova feat. Miro Gee - "Lucky One"

Nelly Petkova’s well-produced video “Lucky One” featuring Miro Gee is a fast paced dance groove that is absolutely smoking. Just right for the house, the club, or anywhere you want to dance, this is one track that you just can’t sit still on. Petkova’s exudes energy and when she aims to please, she gets her way, and with lyrics like “Show me what you got/Get me hot/Don’t you want to have it?” Petkova almost emits flames from the screen in one sexy, smoldering outfit after another as she teases and taunts the viewer with her looks, voice and style. Music lovers of all genres will embrace “Lucky One” and the dance floor will be filled to capacity when this steamy single is on.

Nelly Petkova feat. Miro Gee - "Lucky One"

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