Monday, June 20, 2011

PALE's "Catastrophic Skies" MV Premieres In China Exclusively On MOGO

MOGO, the largest original music video platform in China, has partnered with MusicDish*China for the exclusively premiere of PALE's powerful music video "Catastrophic Skies" in China. Starting on June 16th, MOGO will be featuring the extended 9 minute video and "The Making of..." on its video platform as well as its branded channel on popular sharing sites Tudou and Youku.

PALE music videos on MOGO
* Extended Catastrophic Skies - PALE
* The Making of Catastrophic Skies - PALE

PALE enlisted the aid of director Sean Duke and Chase Rees of Think Big Productions, as well as producer Remy Carter and countless friends and local volunteers, to create what turned out to be a lavish video. The result is an extraordinary cinematic feast with the futuristic look of a Mad Max film coupled with a contemporary story line. The video premiered in the U.S. at Houston's famed River Oaks Movie Theatre.

Digital marketing company MusicDish has started managing PALE's career in east Asia, including a possible tour this fall. Through its asia brand MusicDish*China, the company has been working with MOGO to feature independent western music videos from its MusicDishTV catalogue. They are also collaborating on a hosted one-hour music video program for China.

About PALE
Sonically compatible with bands like Dredg, Radiohead and Muse, life for the Houston-based quartet PALE started almost a decade ago when they came together based on a common love of powerful, thought-provoking music. Pale's new CD, 'In The Time Of Dangerous Men' is on A-Blake Records (co-owned by Blake Barnes and Pale) and is the result of over a year of soul-searching and musical experimentation that showcases Pale at the top of their game. The 12-track outing, produced by Grammy® winner Steve Christensen, is a deep, pensive look by Pale at the world around us.

About MOGO
MOGO is an ad-driven web broadcast entertainment network for the vast Mandarin-speaking youth market. MOGO specializes in the production and distribution of international standard, short format video content. Unlike other web-based video platforms that aggregate and re-format existing TV content, MOGO produces and owns the copyright of original video content targeting existing and emerging new media platforms. Launched on September 1, 2007 with a library of more than 2,300 completed shows spread over ten separate music and lifestyle channels, MOGO produces more original video content for new media than any other company in the world.

About MusicDish*China
Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China's emerging music industry. Focused on the cultural hubs of Beijing and Shanghai as well as broader markets in Taiwan and Singapore, MusicDish*China has sponsored major events such as Midi Festival and INTRO 2010 and works closely with local stakeholder.

Contact Info:
Eric de Fontenay
skype: musicdish

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