Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rapper Cane Murphy Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is, Investing Thousands On Debut Video!!

We all know one of the most important things you can do to let Record Labels and the Music Industry know that your serious about your career as an artist, is to invest in your music. Well, rapper Cane Murphy believes in his music so much, He's willing to put his entire life savings on the line, Spending $20,000 on his debut video "When I'm with You" , along with recording his Debut Album, starting a radio campaign and promoting his story in XXL Magazine.

The Video Features Vocals from newly signed "Island Def Jam" artist Ashley Loren, from American Idol. The two artists met while performing at the same club in Manhattan, N.Y. After hearing Ashley sing, Cane approached her to sing the vocals on his song. Stating - "I need your beautiful voice on a song I wrote for a girl who never left my side, It's very important to me". To which Ashley replied "I'd be honored" and soon after the two were in the studio recording.

The Great American Song Contest Judges gave it "9 out of 10 for "Rhyming" and "How Lyrics fit Music" and went on to say - "This song display's outstanding talent and potential". The song that inspired the video was Debuted by "Fatman Scoop" on "FullThrottleRadio.Net" as well as receiving plays on Fm stations, college and online radio.

What makes the song that inspired the video, stand out from the rest of the album for Cane is the overwhelmingly powerful responses he's getting from fans on YouTube, stating how they can relate to the story of sticking by someone's side. This being the case with the heart felt True Story of a boy and girl not giving up on each other when things were at their worst, when wrong turns, envious eyes and even tragedy tried to separate them.

The video plays out like a movie, Displaying breathtaking scenes by the ocean from the South Beach boardwalk in Staten Island, depicting the setting of how they met. Then seamlessly follows the story line full of drama of how they stuck by each others side through the good times and the bad.

The Video was directed by "Monstar Films" managed by "Dj Vlad". The Music in the Video was produced by Elliot Waite for "Jee Juh" Productions. Storyline & Lyrics written by Cane Murphy. The video debuted on Youtube and is making it's way to Yahoo! Music , Early April, 2011.

To Contact or find out more visit - Canemurphy.com or email canemurphy@gmail.com


Mekanizm Records
P.O box 50067
Staten Island, N.Y 10305

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