Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally, Social Networking Website For Musicians And Music Lovers

There is a new contender for the social networking crown, and although it's still in the lightweight category, it brings a unique advantage to the table and will revolutionize the social networking world.

Who is this feisty new scrapper with knockout potential?

When it comes to judging whether or not Music Lunge has come up with a suitable solution to the time shortage for the hungry social networker... The people have spoken. A first glance at the Web statistics tracking site,, one would see Music Lunge, a new up-and-coming SN website with a promising ranking in the world-wide-web, reaching under a million -- a very healthy place to and a clear indication that mass-market recognition potential will become a reality in the very near future. These statistics illustrate the time spent per user on personal pages on a daily basis and Music Lunge trumps the competition with an impressive rise that began immediately after they hit the scene in September. Even heavy time-killing sites like Facebook and MySpace fall short of reaching the stats put up by the SN newcomer. The reason behind this incredible growth is the unique functions and services Music Lunge provides its subscribers, from 132 countries, which will launch social networking into its next generational phase.

Music Lunge is a social networking site designed to help Indie and Major artists with, digital music and music video distribution, ringtone distribution and song mastering. With Music Lunge, subscribers have the best features of the popular social networking sites, combined into one convenient location. Music Lunge offers the personal page malleability of sites like Facebook or MySpace, allowing members to keep up with friends' status updates and photos. In addition, videos can be uploaded, browsed and searched with a service comparable to that of YouTube, and a Twitter-like micro-blogging feature, are all readily available and easy to use.

No need to add an "APP" to a "TAB" to place music or videos to your profile page. Nor do you have to worry about getting your account deleted or suspended for "Networking" too much or limiting its members to only 5000 friends. Music Lunge is the ultimate networking website, unleashing the power of true networking for all its members. Allowing the benefit of video chatting, profile customization and an easy to navigate website, Music Lunge is proving to be a mega social networking website. offers the freedom of what you are suppose to be able to do on a social networking website, network without limitations. More and more Facebook members are getting their accounts suspended for networking. "We are not here to compete with the other social networking mega sites, like Facebook or MySpace, we are here to give the musicians and music lovers a social networking website of their own," says new CEO, Jason Pomales. Jason Pomales is the cousin of Former Pussycat Doll "Asia Nittolano," winner of CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, and the nephew of R&B Latin Music Legend Joe Bataan of NYC.

With digital music and music video distribution, Music Lunge offers artists and labels the opportunity to sell their music on 130 worldwide online stores such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, Napster, Listen Japan for music and iTunes and Vevo for music videos. Entering the realm of digital distribution, Music Lunge is looking to compete with digital distribution giants as CD Baby,, and many more, but offering worldwide online outlets for labels and musicians at a competitive price.

In addition to growing and making other mega social networking websites a little nervous, will be launching its broadcast division, bringing the social networking era into a new age. The broadcast division will bring the presence of live streaming HD video to the music industry, enabling artists the ability to do live streaming interviews increasing their interaction with fans and more, on a personal level. Just when you think that Music Lunge's services stops at music and music video distribution, the Broadcasting Division will also be offering Music Video Email distribution, offering artists to send music videos to their fans on a personal level.

Not a Music Lunge member, head over and see why has some major social networking websites nervous.

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