Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pet Conspiracy In Oslo: Luxury Hotels & Prince's Cook

"Here's looking at you, kid!"

Beijing's eclectro-punk rock band Pet Conspiracy just wrapped up their 3rd European tour, opening on Oslo on November 6th and crisscrossing the continent from Madrid and Luxemburg to Zurich and Frankfurt. The band recounts their first stop on the tour. Also check Eye on China for more pics from the Oslo show.

As the first stop of our European tour, Oslo impressed us all with a feeling of freshness. It's the first time that all the members of the band have visited Norway together. Despite the fact that this country is really expensive for us, it also means that we get to live in a luxury hotel, which puts us in a great mood to play! The organizers are very professional and we agreed to participate in a world music festival, which meant we got to meet some other amazing bands.

Guitarist Huzi after that 'cig'?

"Hindi Zahra's performance was awesome - as we say in Chinese, the show was really "niu bi"! Huzi smoked a weed cigarette and had a shot of wine with his idol Gotan Project. And later on, we realized that our chef used to cook for Prince! The only problem with the festival was that the sound was not loud enough, at least, not for Pet Conspiracy!
By Pet Conspiracy

Singer Mary makes sure the sound is loud enough!


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