Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Synthesized Ghost Of 80's by Synth-Dimension

The featured track from Ruslan Bozhok's Dreams Of The Electronic Mind is "Synthesized Ghost Of 80's," which is a mid tempo techno with strong thematic lines, and the driving pulse of 16th note arpeggiated bass and classics 80's synth sounds. The piece is built around solid chord changes from F minor to B flat minor, and then it resolves from E flat minor C, which is a set up for great melodic writing. The drum beat keeps the song driving along for an enjoyable song that fits this style well. Synth-Dimension shows not only a love for the fun of 80's Electronica, but solid themes and variations of classical music, which give this instrumental track strong harmonic substance. It will be very appealing to those who enjoy good composition with a groove.

Website: http://www.synth-dimension.com

Synthesized Ghost Of 80's by Synth-Dimension : http://official.fm/track/170397

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