Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jessica Sierra - Enough!

Everyone knows just how difficult life can be, but when you add the eyes of the unforgiving media and paparazzi to that, it can be a recipe for disaster. Yes, fame does come at a price and Jessica Sierra addresses that issue with passion in her new video "Enough". Sierra conveys a strong message to people about the struggles she has endured trying to regain control of her life in the midst of American Idol recognition gone too far. The video begins with the sound of a rock guitar at the beginning, quickly followed by drums. Using tight shots and close-ups of Sierra bound and struggling to free herself from ropes which secure her wrists, the message is clear that she is continuing to fight against the ties that have been placed upon her, and she emphasizes her desire to be free to live her life in happiness.

The impact of the video relies heavily on the track and a Queen-ish "We Will Rock You" stadium style beat along with her facial expressions which aptly show both annoyance and tenacity, while she twists and turns to free herself, both physically and emotionally. During the hook, strings come in to sweeten the mix and the breakdown has a nice distorted guitar section, then breaks back down to Jessica's next verse. The video ends with her breaking free of her ties and proclaiming "Enough!"

Jessica Sierra - Enough! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNWepN02IL0

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