Monday, September 6, 2010

World Premiere - New Mixtape Dj King Assassin Presents Lokixximo "Enigma" Mixtape

Here it is finally, Lokixximo's latest mixtape "Enigma", hosted by The Beat 98.2FM Dj King Assasin, special features includes Wordsmith, Mr Nes, T Weaponz, Jose Josexx & Soborno, another classic material from the #1 New York Latin Movement, presented by L.O.C Entertainment, Add On Music Group & Lokixximo Music.

New York latin rapper Lokixximo spoke to the media in regards to his new mixtape with the Official Slip N Slide Dj Squad Leader Dj King Assasin , his thoughts on Hip Hop music and next projects, and more. "Me being around in the industry for years i learned there's people who are fake, and people who are real about music, me and Assasin are both real with music, Dj King Assassin is a legend in the game, working alongside Wyclef and legends like Rappin 4 Tay and now for him to take the time and work with me in my first solo project it's an honor, it's like working with Dj Jam Master Jay may his rest in peace, it's the level of experience and respect we both have, this body of work it's about expressing ourselves about the conditions around us, at the same time not forgetting about making hits for the fans, said Lokixximo when asked about choosing Dj King Assasin & the direction for the mixtape.

The quality of work we been putting out its major, and at the end of the day i'm independent , when you see songs like "Mucho Money" recorded in my home studio and watching it elevate to the top of the charts there's a reason for it, great music will always speak by itself. Lokixximo also explained that his inspiration comes from listening to 90's Hip Hop, - "The passion they had for Hip Hop it's different from today's music, that's why we still listen to those albums, the best artists came out in that period of time, that's when i fell in love with Hip Hop, even though i didnt know one word of English, i could relate to the struggle, i know in the long run my music will have that kind of effect in the Latin Industry. In his interview Lokixximo also spoke on his collaborations with Wordsmith and Mr Nes, respect in the industry and motivation.

Lokixximo states that all true artists have a mutual respect in the industry, they all motivate each other by staying on the grind, and the new collaboration with Wordsmith & Mr Nes on the Enigma mixtape is is one of his favorite on the project. It doesnt matter what language you speak, we all know what's good music when we hear it ,said Lokixximo.


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