Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MusicDish Focuses On GSA Market At Popkomm With New Portal And PR Service

MusicDish, in partnership with Vienna-based Cosinus-arts.com, will be officially launching the MusicDish Edelweiss website and services at this year's Popkomm conference. MusicDish Edelweiss will bridge the linguistic and marketing barriers between the English language and GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) music markets. Cosinus-arts' Dom Kamper and Anthony Kammerhofer will be holding a press conference to unveil the new portal and bilingual PR services on September 9th at 4:00PM at the Glass Lounge by the Popkomm Entrance. Popkomm 2010 will take place in an extraordinary venue between 8th and 10th of September - the now decommissioned airport Berlin Tempelhof.

The latest in MusicDish's international expansion, MusicDish Edelweiss will just as effectively support a German musician touring North America as a US-based recording artists releasing their latest album in the GSA market. Offering full English-German language translation and copywriting, the service provides web-based PR distribution and syndication in both English and GSA online music markets, through Cosinus Arts and Mi2N's integrated networks.

"The global music market is still largely an uncharted and untapped frontier for the independent music industry," noted MusicDish founder Eric de Fontenay. "While we are all united through the Internet, language and culture still represent major barriers for artists and labels wishing to tap into international markets. By partnering with Cosinus Arts, we are able to extend our established PR business to the GSA market and effectively act as a bridge between both markets."

In keeping with MusicDish's longstanding model of information sharing and education, the MusicDish Edelweiss portal will provide coverage of the GSA's music industry with news - including one of the most comprehensive European music newswires - analysis and exclusive interviews with major stakeholders in the GSA live music scene.

Says Anthony Kammerhofer, "Cosinus-arts.com and MusicDish's partnership means giving independent musicians access to intercontinental communication in an unprecedented way." Dom Kamper added that "we are witnessing kind of reverse thrust in communication. Finally, there's 'equality of arms' with both the independent and the major music industries. Cosinus-arts.com and MusicDish will highlight this aspect".

Coinciding with MusicDish Edelweiss' launch this month, MusicDish is a media sponsor of Popkomm 2010 (Berlin), Play Prague (Prague) and Reeper Bahn Festival and Campus (Hamburg).

MusicDish Edelweiss is the second international brand launched this year by MusicDish. MusicDish*China was officially launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes and has since been working closely with stakeholders and partners in China and across Asia to build a trans-Pacific platform bridging the two regions. MusicDish*China has sponsored major events from Beijing INTRO 2010 to the Yangtze MIDI Music Festival and Underground HK as well as launching the Tomas Doncker "Small World" Shanghai World Expo Tour this fall.

About Cosinus-arts.com
Cosinus-arts.com is an enterprise overcoming any barriers in our focus on 'communication', living up to the expectations of the times we live in. Persuasive advertising or trust-building and comprehension-oriented public relations activities - it all boils down to a coherent concept. We cover all aspects - design, photographs, sound and wording. Claiming to be an 'advertising agency' or a 'pr business' is at odds with what we think communication is about. http://www.cosinus-arts.com

MusicDish LLC has been serving the music industry since 1997, creating a model for original, successful representation of artists and firms. The company is a leading source of knowledge on the music industry, providing a personal, yet business-minded perspective on key issues affecting professionals and executives through its network of portals. Formed by media culture veteran Eric de Fonteney, MusicDish has been a pioneer in web-based PR (www.mi2n.com), supported the development of hundreds of artists through MusicDish Network and built global bridges through its branded family of internationally-branded MusicDish portals.

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