Thursday, May 27, 2010

MarilynMusic's Debut EP "Pure Rock" Available At Multiple Online Retailers


Composing/publishing and production house MarilynMusic released their debut record, "Pure Rock" on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The album is now available on major online music retailers: eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, Napster and 7Digital.

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7 Digital:

"Pure Rock" is a whirlwind tour through rock and roll history. Each song has a distinct sound with influences ranging from the Beatles and Steve Miller to more modern rockers like Nirvana, right up through to contemporary rock of today. Where tracks like "Lost Man In Los Angeles" are dominated by distorted guitars and crashing drums, others like "She's Cool" offer an acoustic rock sound with melodic vocal lines and smooth chord progressions.

Weaved into the melodies and sounds of each of these tunes are the common themes of love and loss. In "Layin' Love on the Line," the duo writes about risking everything for the love of a woman and in "Burning Man," about the healing power of love. The best part of this EP, with all its eclecticism and its wide range of sounds, is that each track really rocks. The emotionality of these songwriters shines through on every tune and the beats and grooves make you bob your head.

MarilynMusic is the partnership of musicians/composers Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad. Gaines and Conrad created MarilynMusic to marry their love and knowledge of a broad range of musical genres with the tastes of today’s pop audience. The prolific duo has numerous tracks recorded and produced, with new material constantly coming down the pipeline. Gaines and Conrad collaborate on every aspect of the music from the writing to the finished product, but the two have distinct roles in the process. Gaines is primarily responsible for lyrical composition and Conrad produces the recordings. Both write the music and play on the recordings – Conrad on bass and drums and Gaines on guitar. This duo clearly has a lot of music to offer and this EP is a rocking good start.

"Pure Rock" is available for purchase through iTunes at:

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