Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HRI: UNArts -- USAID 2010 - Caring For Our Own

Website: http://www.unarts.org
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The size, scope and extent of suffering on the grassroots level across the United States, is but a reflection of 20 percent real unemployment/underemployment with the toolbelt recession closer to 25-30 percent [1]. People are stressed, millions have watched their lives destroyed, loosing their homes and life savings during this economic downturn that makes the Great Depression look like a down day on Wall Street. [2]

USAID 2010 is a grassroots effort to turn this picture around. How? We need to define unmet needs on the community level, in the same way we went house to house, business to business after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Southern United States. We can no longer turn our back in denial of the suffering in our communities.

As with the Tour de America Campaign, [3] directed by Stephen Michael Apatow, [4] in the early 90's, our first step in this process is exposure or light on the problem..... this will bring an immediate response. This means reaching every community, in all 50 states and territories.

Artists can join USAID 2010 by mediating these efforts on the grassroots level, in every city, state and region. The focus is unmet needs and the mission is "Bridging Unmet Needs to Untapped Resources" through the United Nations Arts Initiative:

United Nations Arts Initiative
Arts Integration Into Education
Url: www.unarts.org
Twitter: unarts

Hope & Strength During a Time of Trial

Few are aware of the angels that accompany us. In the Old Testament, a servant came to Elisha in the midst of attack, only to find him calm and collected. The servant asked, how can you be calm, when we are about to see the city destroyed. Elisha prayed, O LORD, please open his eyes. At that moment the servant could see the hills full of horses and chariots of fire, sent by the Lord to keep them safe. -- Background discussion on the soundtrack "No Fear" from the album compilation "Outside of the Box." [5]

One God: One Game: The interfaith community unites in a common mission, the weapons are active care, compassion and concern, the vehicle encompasses successful initiatives that address the ills of conflict, ignorance, poverty and disease. -- The Ultimate Objective: Humanitarian Resource Institute. [6]


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