Tuesday, March 30, 2010

United Souls New Album Of Robert Lauri

Website: http://www.myspace.com/robertlauri

Think about it, taken from the album United Souls, is scheduled for airplay on several radio stations. It is difficult to hear this song with its catchy rhythm without wanting to dance.

Robert Lauri conceived the album United Souls as a melting pot where all musical cultures, a mixture of rap, soul, country and even gospel are brought together in a single album, even within a single track. The artiste has contributed his experience and his inexhaustible talent to the production of United Souls to create new worlds each time. The album is for dancing to and is aimed at both the young and the not so young.

Robert Lauri is certainly one of the most interesting artistes of the day. Offering a combination of hip hop, electronic music, pop and dance, Robert Lauri is a unique musician who does not represent any specific musical genre. The song "Bahia Dream" is an example of Robert Lauri's skill in composing a contemporary classic with multiple facets where traditional music meets hip hop.

In the album United Souls, Robert Lauri crosses various musical genres. It is unconventional music with innovative accents incorporating catchy rhythms, beautiful lyrics and superb melodies.

The maxi-single "United Souls" and the single "Last chance" are available from the major download stores and the audio-CD on Amazon.com. For discovering the songs :


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