Friday, January 8, 2010

Exclusive Interview With Legendary Pickup 'Guru' Seymour W. Duncan


It was recently that multi-award winning recording artist, actor, and CEO of Boosweet Records Vernon Neilly, sat down with living legend Seymour W. Duncan, and the Seymour Duncan company VP of business development and artist relations, Evan Skopp for exclusive interviews. These two gentlemen along with the Seymour Duncan company have revolutionized the guitar community worldwide with their innovative product creations, which range from all kinds of guitar and bass pickups, amps, acoustic preamps, to guitar and bass effect processors that are used by many of the top guitar and bass players in the world to achieve their respective signature sounds. On top of being pioneering forces in the guitar manufacturing world, these two gentlemen are music lovers, guitar lovers, and active musicians, both playing in the Seymour W. Duncan Band, having done product clinics and concert performances all over the world. In these exclusive interviews Vernon talks with Seymour about his early years in music, his early relationship with the legendary guitarist, and inventor Les Paul, his influences and many more things. With Evan he talks about his very first instrument, his early influences, contributions to the Seymour Duncan company, which impacted the guitar community worldwide, and many other interesting things.

These exclusive interviews will be released January 7, 2010 initially and exclusively through on Vernon’s personal TV guitar channel. receives millions of views per month due to their incredible music and music educational content. Subsequently the interviews will be made available to other popular online video outlets, and social networking sites.

The interviews can be accessed directly through the following links:

Interview #1
Interview #2

The Seymour Duncan company is based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. The company’s mission statement is simple, to create quality leading edge products that satisfy the needs of their market and customers globally. Some principles that guide them are honesty, trustworthiness, innovation, professionalism, respect and fairness. Seymour Duncan is the world’s leader in musical instrument pickups. is an international music and music educational site featuring content and lessons of some of the most well known guitar and bass players in the world. “Once the secret of a handful of pro players, Truefire and their faculty of over 400 top guitar instructors now help guitarist worldwide stay inspired and downright dangerous on the fretboard” Jude Gold, Guitar Player Magazine.

Vernon Neilly is a multi-award winning guitarist/producer, who also is CEO of Boosweet Records a division of Boosweet Enterprises LLC Entertainment Corporation. Vernon has performed all over the world working with many legendary music icons before embarking on his own solo career, and has participated in 3 major motion picture releases, as well very popular television programs.

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