Friday, September 18, 2009

Release Single Houston Day And Hong Kong Cafe

An array of innovative melodies drifting over various continents and cultures. Each title releases its own emotional force and takes us into "another world", where atmospheres are created by remarkable instrumental arrangements of astonishing chords that are ideal for conveying emotion and sensitivity.

Robert Lauri makes us discover the range and diversity of the creative force of a tunesmith who deserves to be discovered by the general public. Robert Lauri offers us strong and astonishing musical atmospheres. Each title takes us into another musical world with various musical genres and rhythms, such as country, meditative, and classical styles mixed with pop, electro pop, soul, and so on and so forth.

Certain melodies also evoke some captivating pieces of film music; others open up a haven of peace and meditation.

Still others invite us to move. But even if the compositions float in their own magic, a common theme is guiding the weft of these creations: dream and relaxation. When listening to the instrumentals, you leave the ground to glide in your own world of emotions and imagination.

To listen to the single and an extract of the album in pre-release, entitled partir:

Sylvia Ganancia has created the artwork for the album and the single. Her talent could be synthesized as follows:
The progression of the artist, Sylvia Ganancia, is born of charm, humanity and feminine sensuality... All culture makes her deeply sensitive and it is customary to admire in her work the faces and expressions of women because, as she says: "by the woman are traditions perpetuated", and thus offers us, through her art, a world tour of different culture.

Robert Lauri has been an author, a composer, a tunesmith and a performer since his tenderest years. His musical career has been punctuated, for more than thirty years, by several records and a successful international career - both in the United States and in Europe - with the Alef Group.

In 2009, the artiste launched his MyConcert2009 programme (Concert ΰ la Carte), which also contains a part allowing the public to participate in the production, and some sponsorship.

For further information on Robert Lauri, visit his official website at: and his page on Myspace at

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