Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kussu Music Publishing Announces Licensing Agreement With Harry Fox Agency

Kussu Music Publishing, a leading independent company with catalogues of songwriters, composers and producers from all around the world, announced that it has entered into a licensing and collection agreement for the US territory with Harry Fox Agency.

Harry Fox Agency will issue mechanical license and collect mechanical royalties in the US on behalf of Kussu Music Publishing and its affiliated publishers. HFA is a leading organization in the US with an extensive knowledge of the music publishing landscape and tremendous ability of supporting business on any scale, said Didier Kussu, President and Founder, Kussu Productions Inc.

About Kussu Music Publishing
Kussu Music Publishing was founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc., a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, including artist development, management and music library as specialties.

About Harry Fox Agency
Established in 1927 by the National Music Publishers’ Association, HFA represents over 37,000 music publishers for their licensing needs in the United States, issuing licenses and collecting and distributing the associated royalties. In addition to being the premier mechanical licensing agent in the U.S., which includes CDs, ringtones, digital downloads, interactive streams, limited downloads and more, HFA is dedicated to finding new ways for its affiliated publishers to recognize value for their catalogs, including lyrics and tablature. Further, HFA provides collection and monitoring services to its publisher clients for music distributed and sold in over 100 territories around the world.

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