Thursday, July 16, 2009

From New York to the World: Koko Dozo Spreads Global Funktronica

Since the release of their global funktronica debut album, entitled Illegal Space Aliens, Koko Dozo has been receiving stellar reviews all across the Internet. Koko Dozo is a duo made up of multi-instrumentalist/arranger/composer/producer Polarity/1, and vocal diva Amy Douglas. Both members are formally trained musicians, and since meeting up in New York City in the mid-1990's, they have created a noticeable splash in the music scene.

Referring to the track I Know Who You Are, said, "I promise you won't be disappointed. This is beautiful music. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon." They went on to say that "they have some of the funkiest dance music I've heard in a while, as well as some extremely dope ballads and social commentary sprinkled in their as well".

The blog Dancefloor Mayhem has also given Koko Dozo high praise. Referring to The Shine, they said, "This is a really fun house track. Has a great old school vibe. Reminds me of Incognity, Masers at Work and a lot of the quality deep house from Strictly Rhythm circa '93-'95."

Mark Kirby, a writer for Musicdish e-Journal said, "One of the strengths of Illegal Space that there are nine choice cuts on this record. No fluff, just a statement. This should be the new trend. This should also be an example of how to make dance music that is intelligent and cool, not dumbed down to the level of morons in too-tight $90 designer jeans."

Gasper Oliviera, of says "New Yorkers looking for music that embraces their city's cultural diversity ought to check them out. The best way to survive in a melting pot is to get close."

Making this kind of music in the studio is one thing, but live performance is a whole different art form. However, it's clear that Koko Dozo knows how to put on a show. Referring to a video of a Koko Dozo performance, says that, "Polarity/1 is rocking the guitar while Amy sings her heart out. The song has a bit of an otherworldly vibe at times, but it is without a doubt another great jam for the party at Tubway. One thing is clear from watching both videos - Koko Dozo have a definite stage presence and know how to work a crowd!"

Koko Dozo is a duo of legally alienated New Yorkers -- Polarity/1 and Amy Douglas -- who create a sound they call Global Funktronica: a unique blend of electronica, funk, club grooves, jazz and roots grooves from Brazil, Latin America and Africa. Their lyrics are hilarious, provocative, and powerful, sung in English, Spanish and Portuguese, supported by music that is truly otherworldly, rich, textural and extremely funky.

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