Friday, December 12, 2008

Indie/Alternative Band a'tris Releases Automatic Doors MP3

'Automatic Doors' brings a fresh sound to the indie/alternative world and delivers a rock song that will be in your head for days. a'tris are really taking off, as evidenced by their recent winning of the Airplay Direct's 'All Things Digital Alt. Rock / College / Indie Rock' artist contest. This song is a great example of what a'tris are all about. Needless to say, 'Automatic Doors' is highly recommended.

Download a'tris' "Automatic Doors" MP3

Purchase a'tris' sophmore album Lensing on iTunes

About a'tris
Based out of Boston, MA, this foursome keeps it real and down to earth, using music as an uncontrived conduit for self-expression. "Every musician wants to feel like they're unique and doing something that's never been done before," say the members of a'tris. "But let's face it: you need to use an agreed-upon vocabulary to describe your music to others. As a musician, you have to come to terms with this as a necessity to discuss your music." Heavily influenced by the jazz, classical, and progressive rock genres, a'tris not only gives us music as a language, but also as a soundtrack to our lives. "Music and film are inherently intertwined," says Taylor. "I frequently look to film for inspiration and hope that my music has a bit of cinematic flair."

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