Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 American Hits Re-Recorded With A Latin Groove

With Latin inspired music having an ever growing influence on the pop scene over the last few years, it is definitely about time for a record like this one to come along...

'Top Hits - Latin Style 2009' is a selection of the best cover songs you will hear anywhere this year, all remixed with a spicy Latino twist. On the album you will find hits originally recorded by the likes of Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield and Jason Mraz but as you have never heard them before.

Using a 'poppier' take on the reggaeton style that has swept the world into a dancing frenzy as his main source of inspiration, producer and arranger Pete Surdoval has created a record that will get the kids of the global village shaking their stuff. This is the best in American music, but with a distinctly Latin flavor.

The Grammy-Award winning Surdoval, who has worked with legends like Cat Stevens, Jimmy Cliff, Latoya Jackson, and Public Enemy, says he wanted to make a record full of positive pop songs that would remind him of the days watching his parents rumba around the living room.

The songs were performed by a collection of exciting musicians called 'The Latin Sun'. And the reaction to their take on these pop recordings has already made waves all over the world.

Whether it's a unique new angle of Jason Mraz's smash hit, 'I'm Yours' or the crazed Latin mash-up of Estelle's 'American Boy', there will be something here for all music lovers. The inventive re-imagining of Shontelle's summer classic, 'T-Shirt', has already seen it leap to the top of the bestseller's charts on Amazon.

But it's just the start. The sound of this Latin-pop fusion - sweeter and more playful than reggaeton, but harder edged than much of the pop music world - will no doubt be making dancefloors rock all through 2009. And beyond.

The Latin Sun have just given pop music one giant Tequila slammer. So grab your dancing shoes because they've started one hell of a party!

'Top Hits - Latin Style 2009', is available to buy now from iTunes, Amazon and all top online retailers. Do not miss out...

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