Saturday, October 25, 2008

MusicDishTV: Tyla Durden - "Fellas"

Tyla Durden, figurehead of the stylistically Confident Underground. Sex, Drugs and Bold-Beats – a Mix of smoky- subtle voice, Staged self-performance, Glam, Cat-walks, Comics, Street life and other Pop-Culture Influences. Her Debut-Album will go by the name "IN TYLA WE TRUST". So let’s follow her to the Musical Mount Olympus.

"'Fellas' by Tyla Durden is electro-pop at its finest. While Tyla seduces you with her charming vocals and a catchy chorus, hard-hitting synthesizers threaten to knock you out. The video is a collection of slides that reinforce the song's lyrical content - and show off some amusing pictures in the process. Stay on the lookout for this rising electro star." - MusicDishTV

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