Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library Now Available For Instant Download At Sonomic

Sonomic, the world's largest library of downloadable sound effects, samples, and royalty-free music, today announced that it has signed a major distribution deal with The Hollywood Edge, the legendary sound effects library long favored by professionals working at the highest levels in film, television, radio and advertising. Starting today, Sonomic's customers can search through, listen to, and instantly download any sound in the Hollywood Edge's vast collection of meticulously recorded and edited sounds.

“The Hollywood Edge is universally acclaimed for its unsurpassed quality and innovative content, so we're exceptionally pleased be able to offer it to our customers,” says Sonomic CEO Adam Strauss. “This represents a major addition to our online database, which already includes Sound Ideas, BBC Sound Effects, and virtually every other major library.”

Downloading The Hollywood Edge from Sonomic is fast and easy. Users can search by category or keyword using the Sonomic SoundEngineTM, Sonomic's custom search engine designed just for sounds. All results can be listened to using QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Sounds can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription package, and downloaded instantly as CD-quality WAV files. All purchased sounds are automatically added to the user's SoundBayTM, where they can be organized and downloaded again wherever and whenever they are needed.

About Sonomic

Sonomic ( ) is the leading provider of audio asset management and distribution technologies. Headquartered in the heart of New York City, Sonomic's clients include the biggest names in broadcast, film, advertising, education, animation, and videogame production including NBC, CBS, Sony, Ogilvy, Grey Advertising, and Microsoft Games. The Online LibraryTM is the world's largest database of professional samples and sound FX.

The Total Library ServerTM integrates the Online Library with a facility's in-house audio assets, providing seamless access to both through a single interface.

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  1. These guys also carry The Hollywood Edge libraries as downloadadable sound effects along with many others inc. SoundStorm and Sound Ideas: