Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Acoustic Trance - San Francisco Music Duo Love Lyzardz Modernizes Psychedelic Folk/ Releases New 4 Song Demo

Love Lyzardz is thrilled to announce the release of its new four song demo. The release was scheduled to coincide with the advent of the so called Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. The demo will be accompanied by the launch of its new website and various social media outlets.

The Love Lyzardz was formed in October 2014 when a casual invitation to jam evolved into a hypnotic blend of rock, folk, country, psychedelic and classical music that was indefinable, until one day while on a drug induced level of higher consciousness, the words "Acoustic Trance" exploded into existence from the fifth dimension. It was at that moment, lead vocalist and violinist Reign Diamonds and guitarist Dez Del Rio realized that what they were creating was not just a new sound. It was a new movement.

This unique blend of genres inspired the Love Lyzardz to coin the moniker "Acoustic Trance" to describe their eclectic blend of sounds. The demo consists of 3 original tracks and one cover. "American Doll" the first track on the demo and the title of the Love Lyzardz future first album, re-imagines the psychedelic sounds of the Doors by combining hypnotic instrumentation with profound poetic songwriting. Reminiscent of the sexually charged power pop epitomized by late 70's new wave bands like The Knack and The Records, the second track "Bedroom Eyes" delivers a pop rock sentimentality that pierces the veil of teen angst and is an ode to the modern love song. Third is an instrumental cover of Plaisir D' Amour. Elvis Presley used the melody from Plaisir D' Amour to create his 1961 pop hit "Can't Help Falling in Love". The duo uniquely marries violin with guitar to create a simple, soulful acoustic version of this beautiful ballad. The final track "Marilyn Smile" is a tribute to the queen of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe that hauntingly conjures the sultry glamour of a 30's/40's torch singer in a smoky bar.

Inspired by the 1960's hippie movement, esp. their message of love and beauty, the "Love Lyzardz" reject the stagnant ideologies that divide humanity and instead embrace the universal languages of love and music. In a world made up of divergent customs and beliefs where values often clash, music unites people of different cultural backgrounds in a healthy manner. Music, dance and poetry are divine gifts from God. They emit a mysterious power over our emotions and when they are allowed to shape our society, the world is a better place. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you will find a Love Lyzardz song that touches your soul and ignites your spirit. So walk with us between the worlds and join our spiritual evolution. Together as one we will ascend to new heights and carve out a bold new future.

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination". - Plato



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