Friday, August 4, 2017

MusicDish Review: Kimberlee M. Leber Music Video "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith"

Kimberlee M. Leber, Gospel Blues singer and songwriter, recently released a song "Fight the Good Fight of Faith", an expression often discussed but rarely realized its possibility. Born and raised in California, Kimberlee trained early nine years with world renowned vocal coach Judy Davis; such experience guaranteed her outstanding vocal performance in her tracks. She wrote this song while working in the studio as she explained that it overflowed out of her heart and onto paper smoothly.

The lyric music video is produced in order to help others understand the Biblical teaching of speaking God's Word over daily circumstances, and to allow the Gospel message to permeate to a wider area demographically. "But first you have to believe/Renew your mind with his Word and you will receive/In God's kingdom there are benefits", Kimberlee emphasizes the importance of believing in God's words and guidance. According to her, the Bible refers to God's Word as "Seed" in Luke 8:11 and when these Seeds are sown into our hearts by speaking them regularly, the faith-filled Words can produce a victorious outcome over our daily lives. If we fight hardships with faith by following the path God has laid out, we will overcome them easily.

This new album seems to offer musical medicine for the soul, providing a timeless musical soundscape with a message for all audiences. Using simply acoustic guitar, keyboard/organ, "Fight the Good Fight of Faith" presents an honest delivery of deep wisdom enveloped in flavorful melodies, soulful vocals and inviting sounds. You will acknowledge Kimberlee's diverse musical as well as religious background by appreciating her new album, which is available now at major online music stores. 


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