Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kick Ass Rock Band 'Cletus Funk' Release EP 'Let It Flush' & 'Interweb' Single On Independence Day

The CLETUS FUNK band come with full guns blazin' with the catchy single 'INTERWEB', featuring their infectious brand of killer rock songs with a dose of levity about living in today's wacky world. From the just released EP 'LET IT FLUSH' on July 4th, Indepence Day, 'INTERWEB' follows mascot 'Cletus' as he tries to make sense of social media & technology that changes constantly and has turned his simple life into a clusterf*ck of non-stop head scratchin' bewilderment. The EP is available now on iTUNES: https://itun.es/us/ITGWkb & all digital stores.

The 3 piece group, led by Lead Vocalist, chief songwriter & guitarist Cam Neville, Bassist Todd Snapp, & rounded out by Drummer Livio Silvestri, follow up their 'ILL EAGLE' release with the epic 'LET IT FLUSH' EP. Inspired by as Cam puts it "an election never before seen, a reality show tweeting 'President', internet stars famous for having no talent & social media barrage of turning our world into a giant 'game show' that makes 'Let's Make A Deal' contestants look absolutely normal!" The 5 songs dig into today's world as seen by CLETUS FUNK, including "Spanish Nylon", "It's Just OK", "Hanging By A Thread", "& "No Problem", in addition to the aforementioned "Interweb" lead single.

The band brings it to you bare bones, straight no chaser & with tongue planted squarely in cheek, as Cam says "Life is too short & the World too crazy not to see the humor in it all, kick back, pop the top of your favorite adult beverage & crank up some CLETUS FUNK & help us "LET IT FLUSH"!"

For more info visit www.CletusFunk.com & email: Cletus@IndiePower.com for interviews, review links & news on the monstrosity that is CLETUS FUNK!

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