Friday, July 7, 2017

David Longoria, April Diamond, Trent Park, Larissa Lam Head Up White House Event

Washington DC, International recording artist and producer David Longoria brought other artists to join at the 19th Annual White House Day Of Prayer For Our Nation on Saturday for a full day of prayers and uplifting music on the lawn of The White House in Washington DC on Saturday. The music was highlighted as church leaders, pastors and others from across America rallied to pray for leaders of our country, the local leaders and each other.

"We are proud to bring my new song of unity 'We Are One' to the White House lawn to launch the iconic music and message," says Mr. Longoria, adding "my message is that every person deserves our support and love with a blind eye to race, color and culture."

"We Are One" is the theme of the event this year as it brought people from as far as Africa and China along with Americans from both coasts, who performed and prayed together.

"We started the recordings of 'We Are One' in Brooklyn, NY two years ago and added voices across America," explains Mr. Longoria. "The movement has begun now and we will take it across the country lifting up kids and adults though the message of this song".

The song was performed with the help of many artists from California, Las Vegas, Seattle and other places.

Ruth Longoria came from Tacoma, Washington to join the lineup. "What a wonderful experience to sing on the White House lawn to pray and praise today" she says, adding "my songs have always been about lifting people up and sharing God's love and this event is a perfect venue for this, and without politics too!"

The event drew attendees from across the country as well.

"It is a beautiful day to pray together as we lift our hearts and voices to seek guidance and God's favor for our country and our people." Rev Dr. Terry Lee announced on stage at the event.

Rev Lee is the founder of the event and has directed it each of the nearly two decades of it's observance. He has brought busses filled with church members and others from his Brooklyn based congregation every year faithfully under each of the presidents and administrations singe 1998.

"It's been harder this time as many are afraid of the uncertainty of immigration activities this year," Rev Lee says, adding "some politicians can scare off the ones who have not gotten their status together".

But the event has no political agenda. "It's simply a day to put politics aside and lift up every leader and every person in our country," says Los Angeles based singer April Diamond. "It's time to share our love and our faith."

Singer Trent Park joined the others on stage for the new song, in which he shares lead vocal lines with Mr. Longoria and other artists. "what a blessed day!" he says after singing for the crowd. His parents came from New York to support and join in the multi cultural and interdenominational event.

Las Vegas resident and singer Nick La Croix sang on the recording when the producer held sessions in that city last year. "I believe in the song and the message and was happy to drive from Vegas to Washington to be a part of this historic day," he says. "When I sang in the studio we had members of many top artists from Motown including Coasters, Drifters, Platters, Fans Of Jimmy Century and others joining on this song with many voices and one message, unity," he remembers.

Mr. Longoria has long been an advocate for including others in his concerts and performances. "I invited artists everywhere to sing on the record and also to sing here at the White House lawn," he says, adding "Larissa Lam, April Diamond and Yocontalie Jackson often join me and they add such a spirit of love and honesty to our performances."

"There is power in the voices all singing together and uplifting others," says Linda Henry-Chapman who flew from Palm Springs to sing in the event. She has enjoyed a long career of singing and acting on television and in movies.

The song, "We Are One" is now available on iTunes and other stores with the profits going to fund continuing efforts of the artists across the country for kids and others needing support and encouragement.

"We have been donating thousands of free concerts to schools and community groups for more than a dozen years and now with "We Are One" we are bringing it in a bigger way with workshops and concerts including local students this year," he says adding "We are so happy to give scholarships as well as encouragement and really hope to many."

"This year's White House event has brought smiles to the hearts and faces of so many this year", Rev Lee exclaims. "It's a wonderful way to lead up to next year's 20th Anniversary event," he adds.

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