Friday, March 31, 2017

Joe Da Pro Is Ready For Success This Summer

Atlanta Georgia's "Joe Da Pro" is ready for success this summer and he wants you to know it. Last year the artist created quite a buzz on the Atlanta scene with the release of his first mix tape "Social Rehab" hosted by Dj Noise. Now the hip hop artist is planning on making more than just a buzz with the release of his sophomore mix tape this summer. It is titled "R.A.W."

A single "The Guys" is scheduled for release on April 20th. A pre release listening session has been set up for media purposes. A private link can be provided for media and radio to listen and download per request via email at:

When asked why people should care about his music "Joe Da Pro" is quick to respond, "I can't put that in words, honestly don't care if they do. But my work ethic and determination will give them no choice but to respect everything I have going on."

He differentiates himself from other indie artist as an "artist who refuses to sell out for a quick buck with a commitment to sounding different and better than the next." As of now the forecast looks bright for this artist to have his moment in the sun this summer.





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