Sunday, November 6, 2016

Philadelphia Jazz Band DriveTime Releases New Single

Sporting a brand new sound, Drivetime the noted Philadelphia based jazz ensemble, is ready to satisfy even the most discerning of jazz fan. It can truly be said that the new single "Sweet Nothings" is the group's second single from the Album "California Dreamin". "Sweet Nothings" is constructed on a pleasant foundation of smooth jazz that is interwoven with uptown funk. The result is a fresh, vibrant musical experience and yet there is a rather familiar old school kind of feel within this tune. In addition to what they term the new Urban Organic Jazz sound one would be remiss not to mention the exquisite sound in and of themselves. The clarity and the crispness on "Sweeet Nothings" is such that the listener is able to hear every single instrument and not feel as though any one position is fighting for space. The result is that the ambiance is enhanced, the listening experience is pleasurable, an overall wonderful experience. You're going to love the new single from Drivetime.


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