Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hand Claps For The Boy Band TGB's New Music Video

Have you ever seen a 10-year-old, natural-born R&B musician who can perform the thrills out of you? If the answer is YES, then you must have already seen The Gore Boyz's music video "TGB HANDCLAP (Superman Like Cam)". This R&B trio is made up by the pre-teen/teenage Gore brothers: Herman ages 15, Edwin ages 13, and Sean Michael ages 10. What they are able to offer in this music video is both years of performing experience that is beyond their age, and the bursts of musical enthusiasm that come from their young and energetic hearts.

What I love about this "TGB HANDCLAP (Superman Like Cam)" video is how The Gore Boyz present the choreography, musical arrangement, and video production in a mainstream-R&B-music-video vibe, but also add their original young Pop culture such as hoverboards, or dancing with 50+ friends in the school gym. On top of that, this song is a tribute to the Carolina Panthers star MVP Cam Newton, which attracted attention of local news stations and earned the boys more than 154,000 views on YouTube.

The Gore Boyz have spent the last six years in intense talent development following the Berry Gordy Motown model, and their music is heavily influenced by old school R&B bands and the trendy new sounds of pop, R&B, and hip-hop. They have been playing live for diverse audiences in cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC, Detroit, Hawaii, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada as well as at the Carowinds' Palladium, festivals, expos and the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. They have opened for artists such as American Idol winner Fantasia, Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, Tank, and Eric Benet, just to name a few. The youngest brother Sean Michael has performed on stage with Justin Bieber during the 2016 Purpose Tour in Greensboro, North Carolina.


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