Thursday, October 6, 2016

'Ecstatic Rhythms 2 EP' Is Splitbrain's 2nd Release


Splitbrain remains devoted to his signature Acid Tribal musical style but this time enhanced with ethno-melodic elements. As always Rhythm Ecstasy is the main focus of Splitbrain's music.

Drums & percussion remain in the foreground. All other melodic elements whether acoustic or electronic are subordinated to the rhythmic climax.

The EP opens with 'Shakti's Dance' which is Splitbrain's most melodic track to date.The main melody played by the Iranian-Indian santoor instrument gives this track it's unique character.

'Treebal Mystical' has all of Splitbrain's rhythmic ecstasy elements enhanced by the unique & mesmerizing Slovenian overtone flute - the fujara.

'Warriors Funk' is the fastest & probably the most energetic track in this EP. It opens up with Splitbrain's signature warrior drums building up towards the entrance up of the main acid part.

The last part of the track is enhanced by the Scottish bagpipe melody which builds up the final warriors climax.All the warriors are now dancing in ecstasy !

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