Friday, September 16, 2016

Tim Currie Of Curries Tires And TC Motown Band To Share Message Of Love At Norwalk Oyster Festival On September 11, 2016

What does a guy that runs an 88 year old tire shop in Norwalk, CT while also having his own Motown band have to do with John Lennon's "All You Need is Love"?

Tim Currie, owner of Currie's Tires and founder of Tim Currie's Motown Review Band, has decided that it's time to bring a little love and harmony back into the world--to remind everyone that the love and respect we have for each other is stronger than the hate surrounding us daily.

On the 15th anniversary of September 11, between 6 and 8 PM, Tim Currie's Motown Review Band will close out the annual Oyster Festival in Norwalk, CT with their own rendition of "All You Need is Love" as well as Michael Jackson's "We Are The World."

Tim has also recorded a legally licensed cover version of "All You Need is Love," which he produced with Mick Leonard at Factory Underground Studios. The song is to be released on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming sites around the world later in September. Tim has also made the song free to download directly from his website The recording features members of his Motown Band as well as the local Crystal Theater's children's choir helping out on the feel-good chorus. Through his website, those unable to attend the Oyster Festival concert will be able to tune into a free Live Stream of what is intended as a beautiful tribute to the Norwalk community Tim Currie loves, and a reminder that we're all in this together.

Tim Currie's Motown Band consists of 15 talented artists from all around the Fairfield County area. The singers consist of Jonathan Peters, Janice Dempsey, Michael Duham, Tiffany T'Zelle Wilson and Milo Fuscaldo. Rocking out on guitar is Mick Leonard on lead guitar and Frank Carr on bass guitar. On percussion is Steve Avitabile, with Bob Marston and Peter Zaccagnino on keyboards. (Marston will be replaced by Glenn Masso during the show on 9/11.) Rounding out the Motown groove with the horns is John Serio on tenor sax, Joe Inciardi on trumpet, Bennet Mazzola on baritone sax and Bob Carlson on trombone. And of course, Tim Currie himself on drums.

While the band is set and ready to go for the September 11 show, Tim is looking for volunteers to lend their voices to a community choir for the "All You Need is Love" chorus. So if you're interested in helping bring love back into the world contact Currie's Tires at (203) 866-0775 or Tim's Cell at (203) 895-0902 and come to the rehearsal on Friday September 9 at 7 PM at Currie's Tires

Currie Tires, located at 599 West Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, was founded in 1929 by LJ Duke Currie. The Norwalk, Ct business was one of the oldest truck stops on Connecticut Route One, and has been operated by the Currie family over four generations.

"It's time to remember the love we all share for one another, especially on this anniversary of 9-11. We'll be doing our part--you won't want to miss it!" Tim Currie said.


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