Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tony Carlucci Releases Presidential Song: Vote For Donald Trump - Make America Great Again

ASCAP AWARD WINNING Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist TONY CARLUCCI releases Presidential Song.

TONY CARLUCCI has released a Presidential Campaign Song called: VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP - MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Tony feels that Donald Trump can help "Make America Great Again". Tony's song is an energetic pop/rock tune that stays focused on a positive, fun and upbeat vibe while still getting the message out to all.

Tony Carlucci is a colorful recording artist with a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Sinatra to Electronic Dance Music. Tony's ability to perform all genres is totally amazing. Whether Tony is belting out a Sinatra tune, hammering out a Rock & Roll song, or performing a pulsating original Electronic Dance Track, Tony's music is always tasty and enjoyable. Check out Tony Carlucci at

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