Friday, July 1, 2016

Bachot Muna Delivers A Message Of Hope On The Tropical "Samba Makossa" Single

Sweeping and grandiose, the music of Bachot Muna is a soaring juxtaposition of Latin Jazz and Afro Soul. Brazilian music with an African heart, the "Samba Makossa" single display's Bachat Muna's impressive musicality with its moving rhythms and deeply emotive lyrical content of courage and redemption. This is music with purpose, made with passion, designed to heal and connect people together. "Samba Makossa" sparkles with dynamic piano scales, the thumping melody of bass and the creative expression of sung vocals; this is a jazzy departure into the depth of human emotion which is the perfect soundtrack to sultry days and nights of summer. No matter where in the world you happen to find yourself, if you appreciate powerful music played and sung by talented and passionate individuals, you need to check out the bumping new single from Bachot Muna.

"Samba Makossa" is the perfect reminder that even the worst of times will pass and that joy is the clearest salvation in the face of human suffering. Even if only to celebrate the power of music and the ability to move the body, this music is a potent antidote to doubt, capturing the courage to believe in its grooving melody.

Bachot describes the journey of redemption which brought "Samba Makossa" to the world: "I have already had to endure suffering associated with two divorces, I can tell you that, it is one of the most devastating things for a man. But after plunging into the abyss and thanks to God's help, I found the strength and hope with my inseparable and faithful friend, my piano. I undertook to Latin dances course over 6 years and without imagined that one day it would influence my creativity. But here, Samba Makossa was born in this desert crossing... But for me there are only two options: either you give up and disappears into the abyss, or you resist by fighting with all your forces to head out of the water. And I always chose the second option, oh yes, the one to fight and continue to live in joy. Because I do not want to give pleasure to anyone to rejoice in my misfortune."

A lifelong musician, philosopher and student of life, Bachot Muna has poured his heart and soul into his artistic expressions and the labor of his love is quite evident on "Samba Makossa". This single pulls together a world of disparate musical influences and boils them down into a deliciously palatable meal which is satiating and restoring, capable of returning the vitality and joy to life, reminding its listeners to believe in themselves and the remain dedicated to their dreams. A message of hope draped in Afro Latin Jazz, this is music of hardship which celebrates the resilience of the human spirit. It's infectious tropical grooves the perfect respite from the doubts of the world!

"Samba Makossa" is going to be available at Itunes, Spotify, Amazon,, Apple Music, Google, Youtube, and more than 300 E-Commerce Outlets around the world!

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