Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MONICA HOTTS reveals new album 'Restore Disorder'

Released via Monicahotts Productions

Every so often an artist arises that takes you by surprise, and so enter Monica Hotts.

Monica Hotts has been composing music since she can remember, a love affair that has seen her making sweet music ever since.

Growing up with a guitar under her arm, Monica began writing music in her early twenties and has blossomed into a carefully crafted artist, and someone who possesses a distinct passion for making ambient techno music.

After a string of success stories and a debut album, Monica Hotts now finds herself releasing album #2. Restore Disorder is presented very much as a compilation project, with more great music to follow in its path.

With tracks like 'Natures Miracle', 'When I'm 82' and 'I'm Getting Waves of You', the album reveals a deep transformation of sound and effortlessly showcases Monica's artistic flair. With a mixture of happy, ambient and haunting sounds, Restore Disorder is totally unique in its own right. Enjoy the music!



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