Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: The Baghdaddios "Christmas Ain't For Lonely People"

The Baghdaddios' "Christmas@CBGBs" is a fun, cool and upbeat song with an even more bold and eye catching video!

The cartoon version of band members, Kenn, Paul, Tom and Jim, throughout the video makes the video an instant classic. It almost makes the video look like a holiday special of an old school cartoon show. This only adds to their fun and very playful Christmas vibe.

The cartoon video does a great job of allowing the viewer to follow along with the words of the song.

The clip and its cartoon characters suit punk rock to a tee. It really makes you think of how fun celebrating at the CBGB would be.

The video does show a humorous take on celebrating Christmas however for punk rock fans this will resonate perfectly.

Now let's go celebrate at the CBGB!




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