Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six Goes To Asia

Bongo Boy Records releases a new compilation album with eight International recording artists that is headed to Asia today. The Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six includes recording artists that have been featured on The Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV show series which airs on television channels across the USA and also on ROKU Channel with Go Indie TV. The independent record label is committed to release other volumes in Asia with featured artists from their growing record label roster and television show series. Web Site

Here is a Pre-Review by Michael McKenna for Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine from Allentown, PA. The USA.

The release opens with the beautiful Hungarian musician, Barbara Kiss, and her Dance/Pop/Rock track, "Catch Me", which has those vintage Gin Blossom's guitar riffs, an awesome hook and powerful vocals in the mold of a Susanna Hoffs mated to a pounding percussion. This track has multiple radio crossover possibilities and is a KILLER CUT!

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia and now residing in L.A., International Award Winning Musician, Jon Mullane, kicks it into high gear with "Body Rock" where Jon says, "Turn it up", which is the only way to listen to this, LOUD! The slamming guitars and Jon's forceful vox. I could see this track being the anthem for Rock/Dancer-size outlets worldwide

Amycanbe calls Cervia, Italy home, delivers the alternative single, "Truth Be Told", where one can hear some Sinead O'Connor in her vocal deflections. This mid-tempo track is flavorful and has some interesting accompaniment. NICE!

Inches From Sin, featuring the talents of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway, give it up with their track, "Murder" that has a cool retro R&B sound that takes the listener back in time. The individual solos and harmonies are spot on and done to perfection! The line, "I smell perfume and it ain't mine" sums it all up!

International singing sensations, Secret Lie, from Portugal, and their smash single, "Filling Spaces", takes one captive from the start with Sarah Madeira's hypnotizing vocals and the fantastic strings that give this a very full sound. The 7 core musicians along with 11 guest musicians give a remarkable performance! WOW!

Alternative/Punk/Garage rockers, Full Body Tones, a 3-piece kicking band from Lexington, Kentucky, comes at you with the snarling track, "King of the World", that features ripping guitars, pounding snare rides and an in-your-face attitude that should be a killer with the younger set worldwide. HOW COOL IS THAT!

We change things up a bit with Daniel Amadee, from the Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana, and his Folk/Rock genre track, "Don't Wanna Do It Again", which has a bit of a Smashing Pumpkins feel to the intro. Those unique vocals are captivating as is the simplicity of this tune! CATCHY!

Inches From Sin makes their 2 nd appearance with "Out of Reach", a funky blues based number that tells a story that has implications about what is happening in our country today. Love the retro guitar picking! UP FRONT & COOL!

Oxnard, California Christian/Rock band, Hizreturn, brings us a soulful track, "Forever More" that reaches back with a classic style updated with a retro/mod feel enhanced by the two-voice melodies. The keys with the leslie adds that depth and fat-sound to this track. VERY HEARTFELT!

The 3rd time around is the charm as Inches From Sin closes out this LP with "Move On", is a fun-sounding track that rocks you out from the door. Robert Brewer's vocals are strong and Karen Holloway adds nice harmonies as a compliment. The guitar's are talking BIGTIME!

These Bongo Boy Compilations just keep getting better with each issue. The listener can look forward to quality music each and every time. This is a MUST LISTEN! KUDOS!

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