Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dirty Lowdown & Dominican Don To Release New Single Tributing Michael Jackson

Florida-based artists, Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don , are preparing to release a brand new single on Friday, July 31 . The new single, 'Just A Little Bit Of You,' is a reworking of the 1975 Michael Jackson classic. The track, distributed by CD Baby, will be available on every major digital music platform and streaming service. (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) 'Just A Little Bit Of You' was originally released on Michael Jackson's fourth solo effort, 'Forever, Michael.' The soulful nature of the record laid the groundwork for the rest of Jackson's career, and his departure from the famous Motown Records shortly after opened a new chapter in the young prodigy's career. (The album was released when Jackson was sixteen.) The late legend passed away six years ago, leaving an incredible legacy and catalogue. He was, after all, the King of Pop.

Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don shed the Motown vibe of the track for a more contemporary, modernized sound. The two artists are elegantly accented by heavy electronic instrumentation, tight beats, and string sections. There's also a significant addition of hip-hop lyricism on the latter half of the tune. While remaining faithful and respectful to the original song, both Lowdown and Don take creative liberties when reenergizing it for a new generation.

The creative license that Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don take with 'Just A Little Bit Of You' is widely successful. Paying homage to the King of Pop seems natural and fitting, as the musical lineage of both these artists can most certainly be traced back to Jackson and the Motown sound. In 1975, Jackson charted well with the song, scoring his biggest hit in three years and top honors on both the pop and soul charts. Now, in 2015, forty years later, 'Just A Little Bit Of You' is ready to return. Both Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don are seasoned, veteran performers that have extensive live and studio experience, especially in the Florida area. Dirty Lowdown was previously featured on the song 'Unstoppable,' a tune supporting the Miami Heat.

The song was remixed into several versions and was successful in harnessing the community's support of the team. The single will be released under the rising independent label, Mark Of Excellence Productions . Information regarding the artists and the label can be found below. The release will be available globally on July 31.

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