Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love Jones – A Modern Love Story Of Conceptz

R&B duo Conceptz released a new music video on their most prominent single "Love Jones"

Like many other Rap/R&B music videos, Conceptz' clip on their prominent single "Love Jones" has every element to a hit music video: LA sunshine + mansion + luxury sports car + hot ladies… Unlike many other Rap/R&B music videos, "Love Jones" tells a love story in a modern way that leaves people feeling romantic without presenting too many erotic scenes.

In 2011, two brothers from Orange County, New York formed the hip-hop based duo Conceptz. In 2014, their single "Love Jones" has reached #17 on the Billboards Hot Singles Chart. Months later, trying to strike their fans' hearts again, the brothers come up with a brand new visual to go along their most sought after song.

The video expresses many stages of romantic relationships from distinctive angles of two men: from flirtation, passion, love to intimacy. It discovers different forms of affection ---- and there's no right or wrong way to fall in love, because in the war of love, no one is a winner. In the end of the video, the picture cuts off suddenly, where it leaves the audience wondering many possible endings of the story.

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