Thursday, October 16, 2014

Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians And Their Fans To Make An Impact

Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians and their Fans to Make an Impact

Connection. It’s at the core of Noise4Good, the first crowd-funding platform to fuse two very active audiences—musicians and their fan base—in support of the causes they are most passionate about. Noise4Good takes the power of music to move people and harnesses it to a technology that provides a solution for charities to interact with musicians and their fans, raise funds, engage with the donors and turn caring into action. The system, which just began Phase One of its launch by registering artists and charities/non-profits, provides cross-marketing and cross-publishing capability for both groups across social media and mobile devices.

With some 1.7 million non-profits in the US, choosing the right ones is a critical part of any philanthropic endeavor. Noise4Good—unlike other crowd-sourced fundraisers—is working with Charity Navigator to ensure each organization is carefully vetted. Noise4Good is going to link to re-publish Charity Navigator’s evaluations of each non-profit on its site so artists and fans can check out each one. It has a list of 3000 pre-approved, qualified charities that have been analyzed based on how they use their funds for impact.

The Noise4Good model is designed to galvanize fans and donors to motivate and activate. Once musicians sign-up on Noise4Good, acting as advocates they can align with up to five charities at a time through the platform, work on their projects and post messages about the importance and impact of those initiatives. Artists can showcase and highlight their own body of work via the platform and can also create campaigns/calls to action. Each artist is asked to create a PSA for the charity they support. As a closed-loop system, the causes they support(and the PSAs) will be published on both the artists’ and non-profits pages. This provides musicians with the ability to not only engage with their fan base but to be exposed to an entirely new audience.

Noise4Good gives musicians and non-profits the ability to tap into the country’s millennials, who make up 25% of the population with an economic spending power of 1.3 trillion dollars. “The goal is to spur interaction on many levels,” says Noise4Good Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Patrick, whose background includes being a producer, keyboardist, composer and performer who has shared the stage with artists including Blondie. “The millennial generation in particular wants content that connects with them on an emotional level but also fits with their values. So we’re promoting the concept of “from one to many,” because one artist who has 10,000 followers on Facebook inspires loyalty just as non-profits do with their supporters. Via Noise4Good, we can bring those forces together, donors, volunteers and music fans on one platform. The intent is to channel the efforts of musical influencers into a network for positive change.”

Noise4Good knows about choosing projects for social impact. It was one of the partner/sponsors for the Global Citizen’s Festival, a call-to-action to end poverty. The free concert in Central Park on September 27, 2014 featured artists including Jay Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood and The Roots with surprise appearances by Sting, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. It also provided financial support for the documentary “Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Injustice and Forgiveness.” The film was a sponsor of the Social Good Summit held September 21-22, 2014.

On November 27th, Noise4Good goes live to the public with all of the registered musicians and non-profits and lots of media attention. At that time,it will be mobile compatible and allow musicians to engage with fans in real-time with its exclusive technology. The platform will also introduce a second level of connectivity with rewards programs, merchandising, mobile clubs, as well as extensive messaging and data search capability.

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