Monday, June 30, 2014

GrooveShine, A Funky-Fresh Band With Good Vibes

From the clear skies and sandy beaches of California, comes a band who’s sound uniquely fuses the boom-bap of hip-hop, the stank of funk, and the good vibes of reggae. The reggae-hip-hop band GrooveShine has solidified their mark in the music industry by encompassing all these elements and pushing their latest album release by the same name. GrooveShine is a playful, yet soulful band that is reminiscent of bands such as Slightly Stoopid, Phish, and Ozomatli. Combing their world percussion and cool synths, GrooveShine is a band that everybody can get into and bob their head to the beat while enjoying a day at the beach, relaxing under the rays of the sun.

GrooveShine heavily relies on the chugging bass lines that reggae music is known to have, but uniquely adds a hip-hop feel to their percussion; often times borrowing world percussion to add a fresh new sound. One of their standout tracks “Chasin’ A Freak” is a perfect example of how they combine genres seamlessly and effortlessly. Their influences are apparent, yet distinguished enough to create their own GrooveShine sound by adding funky synthesizers that are uncommon to the ear, but friendly to hear and dance to.

One of the more notable aesthetics of GrooveShine are the lyrics. Accompanying a fresh new sound are playful and fun lyrics that often have a deep-rooted message within. Topics about a narcissistic woman, to a world full of love, are within the realm of GrooveShine. But yet they still manage to keep a positive outlook on life and keep the party going with their up-beat melodies and uncanny recipe of reggae, hip-hop, and funk.

GrooveShine without a doubt has the musical creativity that can push forward a new movement of feel good vibes that is somewhat lacking in today’s musical tastes. A new blend of music has been brewing and bubbling with GrooveShine and with their new album ready, there is no telling what can come out of it but music to dance to and have fun with.

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