Monday, June 9, 2014

Ashley Jordan's National Radio Promotion

Ashley Jordan Music (AJM) today announced the initiation of a National Radio Campaign in collaboration with Powderfinger Promotions (an indie radio promotion and publicity firm from MA).

Ashley Jordan is the award winning and emerging singer-songwriter from Harvard, Massachusetts and has garnered many enlightening musical reviews that are included on her website

"The intent for this collaboration is to provide national accessibility and presence for Ashley's music," according to Marvin Collin, Managing Director of AJM. "With the release of her critically acclaimed new CD, Nothing in Doubt, we wanted to set the stage for Ashley's desire to tour to various locations and connect with her listeners as well as to extend the generosity of her sponsors to her musical audiences." Ashley's sponsors include: Exces (Sunglasses), Life is Nutz ( Profit for Charity) and New England Brokers (Organic Cosmetics).

"The collaboration with Powderfinger will provide Ashley musical exposure to the leading Americana-Country and AAA radio stations in the US," according to David Avery, President and Founder of Powderfinger Promotions. "Radio promotion is an important strategy for musicians so as to build relationships with fans and build a lasting presence with listeners."

Ashley was recently headlined in the May issue of Metronome Magazine discussing her new album release as well as her songs and music videos that are reflections of her country-rock style.

Contact Information:

Marvin A. Collin
Managing Director
Ashley Jordan Music

General information about Ashley Jordan may be found at:

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