Saturday, March 9, 2013

Singer-Songwriter Alicia Greene Takes You To Her "Happy Place" On Her Upcoming Sophomore Album On March 1, 2013

[Bowie, Maryland] Thrilled with the success of her debut album "Heart and soul" (2012) which garnered hits such as "Heartbroken Dreams" and "Distant Memories"; Singer-Songwriter Alicia Greene returns to the indie music scene with her anticipated sophomore album "Happy Place" with 12 new original songs. The title of the album is inspired by two songs barring the same name of which one is instrumental while the other is the only vocal song on the entire album. Happy place (vocal) was released previously as a single along with another track off the album called "Fire and Ice". Both singles were well received and made their way on the top 10 electronica charts on the official indiecharts.

Happy Place promises to have the same powerful heavy hitting instrumentals and electronic rhythms as well as catchy tunes that are reminiscent of her debut album. What sets "Happy Place" apart from the first album is it incorporates a full length electronic orchestra ensemble that is harmonious and invigorating with instruments that include snare drums, orchestra triangles, violas, violins, romantic silk strings and electronic keyboards. Alicia not only shows off her versatility as a singer in this album but also as a writer, composer and artist carefully crafting songs that are whimsical, lively, patriotic, peaceful, and boisterous yet gentle. Unforgettable songs like "The saddest day", "Fire and ice", "The last Hope", Peace at last" and "The spirit" will enchant, exhilarate and awaken your spirit with every beat as well as resonate in your mind from years to come.

For further inquiries on how to order a copy of the album "Happy Place", visit the official webpage of the artist at: or . The album will be widely available for download on all major retail outlets including ITunes, Amazon, and CDbaby at

Track Listing:

1. Undone

2. Happy Place (instrumental)

3. The Spirit

4. The Last Hope

5. Many Sorrows

6. Let It Out

7. The Saddest Day

8. Peace At Last

9. The Return

10. Fire And Ice

11. The Shadow

12. Happy Place (vocals)

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