Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue Light Green Eyes Releases "Better To Have Learned" EP On Label Two Recordings

The Blue Light Green Eyes, "Better to Have Learned" EP, was written by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Adam Oliveras, as a young man in high school. Revisiting the songs years later through the refocused lens of a twenty-something’s relationship experience, Oliveras fleshed out arrangements and recorded every instrument on the folk-pop EP to reflect both the young lover’s optimism as well as the nuanced complexity of a seasoned perspective.

“There is still authenticity at the foundation of these recordings, but now it comes from a place of higher understanding.” Oliveras says.

Equally at home in the warm glow of a summer evening as it is the soundtrack for headlights revealing a winding autumn road, "Better to Have Learned", has a decidedly visual tone. Each song is a chance to leave the faster-than-light pace of our days in and days out, to remember a world where love had fewer footnotes and life was a cloudless sky of endless, wonderful, possibilities.

Starting with the piano at age five, Oliveras has been picking up instruments, such as the saxophone, guitar, cello and harmonica, ever since. He has applied his varied instrumental skills throughout the many bands, projects and theater productions he has been a member of, however, writing and singing have been his primary focus. As the former lead singer for the pop rock band Miles From Home, Oliveras entertained crowds from coast to coast. He’s worked with many other notable musicians on collaborations including Zachary Parker of All In Favor, Jaymes Dunlap of Lutes and Liars and Chris Matthews Jr. of Jooniors Studios and Ruxton Towers. He is also currently working on an electronic album under the name Tamarack Arms.

Blue Light Green Eyes, "Better to Have Learned", is available at iTunes, Amazon MP3 and every digital music retailer.


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