Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Asia J has done it again, with her new hit single "Lite Them Up". The superstar that Asia J has grown to be, is taking the hip hop World by storm. Lite Them Up is one out of seven singles on her album 13 Scrolls, which in many people's eye sight is a Grammy album.

Asia J has accomplished to beat down all competition in many hip hop charting systems, including reverberation, holding down the number 3 spot next to Da Troopa and Philadelphia's own Meek Mills.

Wow with hits like "Lite Them Up" it's not a surprise why Asia J is blowing up globally and showing up as a feature artist on national and international websites everywhere. The truth about the matter is that, Asia J has what it Takes to make not just amazing songs, but to be seen as a brand name talented and business that will change the music scene for many life times to come.

The official release date for "Lite Them Up" is set for September 6, 2011, Which her label "Jos Entertainment" has agreed to release thru their parent label "Musik And Film inc." and their distributor "Iris Distribution". Which distributes to over 450 retail end points in over 85 countries. Whether it's a major retailer in the UK or an electronic outlet in Malaysia, you will found Asia J's new release "Lite Them Up"...

Asia J will also be introducing her music industry news letter to her fans and viewers worldwide. So be sure to join her friends and fans club as soon as possible to receive Asia J's news letter. Asia J's appearances will also be posted in her news letter.

So to the world, prepare yourself for Asia J, bringing you great music and emotions that will help you thru out your day. Get Asia J's music at Amazon, ITunes and Rhapsody, be sure to check her out on YouTube channels " Josentertainment1 and Musicsalesonline" and all websites below...




Artist Management
Troy W. Davis
1715 McKean Street
Suite # 205
Philadelphia Pa. 19145
Phone: 215-970-6136

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