Friday, August 26, 2011

Rock Naadam on C1 TV - Boys Climbing Ropes and Moon Tyrant

In July 2011, Shanghai local rock bands Boys Climbing Ropes, The Horde and Moon Tyrant went to Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan, Mongolia to perform for the first Rock Naadam tour. The tour, which brought China-based bands to Mongolia for the first time, followed with dates in Ningbo, Nanjing and Shanghai featuring great Mongolian rock bands A-Sound and The Lemons. That tour was unique in that it not only drew more fans to Mogolian rock music, but also served as an exchange with China's rock scene.

On July 8th, Boys Climbing Ropes and Moon Tyrant performed on "The Big Break" TV show in Mongolia's nationwide channel C1 TV that has become well known for broadcasting music performances. Here are two video clips from the show, in which Moon Tyrant and Boys Climbing Ropes were playing.

Shanghai-based Moon Tyrant was founded on July 4, 2009 after years of planning and air guitar practice. The band is composed of four musicians from Panama, Tasmania, New York and New Jersey, and their music sounds like metal meshed with indie, jazz and straight ol' rock-n-roll.

Boys Climbing Rock is a Shanghai based indie rock band composed of four members - Morg, Dev, Pei and Jordo - that just came coming off a tremendous performance at Midi inaugural Shanghai 2011 festival.

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