Monday, May 2, 2011

Funkefeller Makes Headlines With First Major Release On Sonic Masterworks

Sonic Masterworks announced this week their first major release since signing a distribution deal with the UK-based Acuna Digital. The release comes from the artist Funkefeller (a.k.a Dan Orlando), who also makes his debut on the Sonic Masterworks record label with the release. The EP, entitled SUPER TOXIC, is described as "an explosion of electronic music styles that combine hard-hitting electro sounds with juicy dubstep and catchy melodies." The EP is comprised of 5 tracks, 4 of which are original mixes produced by Funkefeller, and a remix by the well-known veteran producer, Jason Camiolo. This first major release by Funkefeller has garnered a significant amount of attention in the music community after yielding high sales numbers in it's first week. The high sales figures are largely attributed to the high-energy blend of electro house, dubstep, and breaks in the release. “I get bored pretty easily, so I change up the rhythms and melodies a lot in the tracks to keep things interesting,” said Funkefeller.

As always, Funkefeller's tunes are funky, reflecting observations, personal experiences and relationships. The track "Super Toxic", which the EP is named after, incorporates his favorite elements of dubstep with high-energy distorted leads and driving four-on-the-floor beats. "Live For The Music" depicts the amount of passion that is behind his music. "For The Hardcore" has a harder dance vibe to it and shows respect for the harder genres of electronica, which Funkefeller grew up listening to in Chicago. “Bounce” was created during the later part of 2010, during a very hard time in Funkefeller's life. As the artist explains, "making music helped me pull through a tough time in my life, and 'Bounce' is the culmination of a roller coaster of emotion that took place during those months." Soon after producing "Bounce", Funkefeller was introduced to Jason Camiolo, a Phoenix based composer scoring original music for film and television. Camiolo is the music supervisor and composer for audioEngine, where he has scored several Addy, Telly, and Emmy Award winning commercial spots, films and documentaries for the last seven years. Originally a drummer by trade, he is also a member of the Platinum Award winning power-pop band Fuzzbubble, (formerly on Bad Boy/Arista Records).
Jason makes his Sonic Masterworks debut appearance on SUPER TOXIC as producer / remix artist of the D&B remix of "Bounce".

Funkefeller plans to support the release with extensive touring in both the US and Europe. "I am very excited about the release of this new EP. Although my tracks can sometimes become ambitious projects, I am happy with the outcome of these and am having a blast playing them live. I am already looking forward to my next release coming out soon," said Funkefeller.

Distribution for this EP is being handled by Acuna Digital around the world. Digital downloads are available now from

For more information on "Super Toxic" and Funkefeller visit:,,,,,

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