Friday, December 10, 2010

"I'm So Afraid" - A Duet By Diane Marino And Robert Lauri

Take an accomplished singer, a talented pianist, and experienced arranger, combine them, and you get the dynamic and dazzling artist known as Diane Marino.

She combines solos that are sophisticated and elegant with expressive vocal pieces. With a warm and clear voice, Diana Marino reflects emotion in the simplicity of her vocal expression. Her albums combine "standards" with impressive versions of the bossa nova and samba, sung in Portuguese. Diane Marino offers us an "interpretation" in the truest sense and a piano accompaniment that is full of charm.

Produced by M & M Recording Records, Diane Marino has recorded, sung, and shared the stage with jazz legends such as Houston Person, Joe Henderson, Wycliffe Gordon, Tania Maria, Kirk Whalum, and many others.

From an early age, Robert Lauri has been an author, composer, arranger, songwriter, and performer. For more than 30 years, his musical career has been punctuated by several hits, and he has also enjoyed a successful international career.

His musical style reflects the melodic fusion of arrangements that rely not only on pop and country music, but also on movie soundtracks and ambient music. With a precise hand, Robert Lauri has managed to move many with his wide range of emotionally-charged and tender arrangements, making it virtually impossible to attribute one specific style to him.

He is a melodic visionary, unique in his genre. Each album is a key that opens the doors of "another world." In his albums, Robert Lauri crosses musical genres; his unconventional music with innovative tones provides lively rhythms, superb lyrics, and beautifully captivating melodies.

Diane Marino and Robert Lauri Duet – "I'm So Afraid" :

Robert Lauri authored the arrangements. The music is by Robert Lauri and Danielle Bennaim. The beautiful lyrics are by Claudine Marousek-Dornhakl. The Marino-Lauri duet is unquestionably successful: Diane's voice complements Robert's beautifully, and the performance by both artists releases a magical harmony.

The single "I'm So Afraid" is available on iTunes and will soon appear on major download sites.

The video was produced by the talented Italian artist, Anna Clara Passarelli. She has made many other music videos for Robert Lauri as well as the video "On the Streets Where You Live" for Diane Marino. Her videos always display a high artistic quality and level of the music they illustrate.

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