Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuck With Green - The Pimp Slap Song

The techno-rap remix of "The Pimp Slap Song" gets the full DJ treatment beginning with a synth sound that includes a sawtooth wave and techno style. The song slightly reminds you of a cross between the dance group Devo and Weird Al Yancovich. Techno cuts are used on the vocals to add an interesting rap flavor, which enhances the track. Definitely out of the ordinary, "The Pimp Slap Song" describes what happens when the subject and his "lady" have a disagreement and it escalates to a physical level. With lyrics like "Use the metal trash can for body armor too/Cover vital organs - it's the least that you should do/Sometimes it gets physical, she moves fast like a blur/ I put on my boxing gloves, my mouth piece is secure/Practice on your speed or you assuredly will lose/ Make your defense better with one small offensive move," you can see that it is somewhat of an original. Near the end, special effects are added, such as the ringing of the bell that signifies the start of the next round during a professional boxing match, the roar of a crowd, etc. This track is definitely an attention grabber.

For more info about Ron and his Stuck With Green music, visit the website and follow the links.

Listen: Stuck With Green - The Pimp Slap Song

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